Goldman Environmentalist sentenced to 22 years

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Last September we reported on threats of nationalist groups which happened first time in the modern Mongolian history here. The group called Gan-Undesten or Fire Nation protested against the amendment of  law that prohibits mining operations on headwaters and protected zones. The coordinator of the group winner of Goldman Environmental Prize winner of 2007 Ts.Munkhbayar had been recorded carrying rifles and pistols behind the government house and number of explosive materials were found in surrounding locations.

Recently, the court sentenced Ts.Munkhbayar to 22 years and the others members alike. NGOs such as Oyu Tolgoi Watch, Gal Undesten, and United Association for the Protection of Rivers have expressed their concern on the lack of law for the people who fight for the people’s rights. The sentence included charges of threatening to influence government decision, caused public fear, prepared and used guns and explosive materials. Ts.Munkhbayar’s lawyer expressed to appeal the decision.

We will update our readers in due course.


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