Mongolian power crisis

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Recently, SSIA (State Specialized Inspection Agency) conducted a full inspection on power and thermal plants that is core to the country’s power system. People in the country are feeling the power and thermal shortage when the apartments that used to be hot enough to spend a cold winter night with small windows open, now some of the apartments are so cold that you cannot walk with full clothes on, and power blackout is becoming very often. In the rural ger areas, the black out happen every other day. SSIA concluded that there aren’t any power plant that is working up to the standard in terms of health and safety and equipment maintenance.

It turned out that 3rd Thermal Power Plant has major issues on maintaining the existing turbine generator and steam distribution systems. Also, the 50 megawatt extension at the power plant is being conducted without a proper license and permits. Some of the equipments were “hand made” the SSIA report emphasized. Most of the power plants operating without a back up capacity creating a high risk in case of emergency. It concluded that the whole city is drawing close to be pitch dark very soon.

Mongolia is facing a power deficit for the last few years. It imports additional power from Russia and China. The massive Oyu Tolgoi imports 350MwT from China for its mills. Northern and Western provinces import power from Russia to sustain its power needs. The below graph shows the historic electric consumption and future forecast.



Clean Energy LLC a unit of NewCom Group opened the first wind farm in Mongolia in last June. The company is planning that at the project completion the wind farm will be producing 50MWt each generating 1.6MWt.

Hydroelectricity is limited due to delay of construction and being accounted for only 0.3% of the country’s energy needs. This year, the city government officials decided the place which new 350MWt 5th power plant is going to be built.

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