Government decides tighter control over cyber game centres and internet cafes

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Gaming Centres and Internet Cafes

On 13th of December, 2013, the cabinet decided to impose tighter regulation on gaming centres and internet cafes. Currently, over 500 cafes exist in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Customers of these cafes usually play violent games sometimes overnight and use alcohol and smoke while playing. Also, it has been mentioned that under-age customers browse through adult websites which worry parents and teachers. In order to halt these activities the cabinet approved a guideline on “Regulation on Cyber Game Centre Operation”. The Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin will be responsible implementing the guideline.

According to the official press release of the cabinet the main purpose of the guideline is to regulate the operations by imposing new requirements, register these centres, and monitor its operations in order to prevent crime and protect children’s rights.

The guideline prohibit internet cafe and gaming centre operating together and in first or ground floors of an apartment. Also, it requires that these centres and cafes should have a security camera inside and outside of the location keeping the record of at least 21 days. The timetable will be 8 pm in summer and 6 pm in winter. The operating staff must have basic knowledge in “information technology” and must be over 20 years old. Also, those who are under 12 years old and also intoxicated people will not be allowed. Servicing with pawning such as documents or other items is also prohibited.

Comment sections of the news websites are full of comments with outraged business owners and customers accusing the government on limiting business activities which will have a negative effect on the economy. Some suggests there are other ways to prevent children spending huge amount of time in these centres. Earlier, this year, the supermarkets were also prohibited working 24 hours. The club and pub hours are also limited with the argument of negative effects in the society among young people.

New year celebrations in public sector

Government agencies and government owned entities are prohibited to hire costly entertainers in their new year celebration parties and greeting cards to other entities are ordered to be electronic to save cost. Purchase of alcoholic drinks by budget fund is also prohibited by the new guideline.

Teachers’ day to be celebrated with the World Teachers’s Day

Since 1967 National Teachers’ Day was celebrated on first Sunday of February. The change came into effect states that it will be celebrated on the same day of World Teachers’ Day which 5th of October.

Health of Senior Citizen National Program has been approved

National Statistics Committee reported that Mongolia will have more senior citizens in the coming years. In order to improve health services and prevent from diseases the Health of Senior Citizen National Program has been approved.

Common guideline on information transparency has been approved

In order to increase the transparency of government purchases and bidding process by the government a common guideline on information transparency has been approved by the cabinet. Cabinet members, IAAC, GIA, National IT Park and National Data Centre contributed to draft the guideline.

In brief:

– In 2014 the government will invest and implement 340 projects with MNT1,359.4 billion.

– In order to improve the competency of national flag carrier MIAT is to be operated by a management team that is professional and  internationally known.


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