Correction regarding some rumours from the Government for Change

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Some group of people misinforming the public through social networks such as twitter and facebook regarding the activities of the Government for Change. Also, soome of these misinformation is being channelled through the public media. Therefore, we are warning these groups of people to adhere the law and work in accordance with regulations.

Child Money – rumours regarding the cease of distribution:

One of the evidences of target reaching policy is the Child Money. Instead of widespread government support and welfare, the government decided to provide MNT20,000 monthly to every child, because children are members of our society that need external support. Government for Change will be holding this policy in the future. Human Development Fund provided MNT188.4 billion to 988.3 thousand children under the age of 18.

8% Mortgage – rumours regarding cease of the program:

There are some concerns among the public that the 8% Mortgage Program is slowing down and nearing to the end. In reality, the program is continuing, and will still be continuing in the future. In addition, the work on possibility of making suburban area houses as a collateral for mortgages is being done.

17 new taxation – rumours on the Government would create:

There are 23 types of taxation in place. There will be no additional taxation in the term when the current government is in power. However, opposed to that, we are working on boosting private sector and employment. We are working to decrease taxes by giving incentives for tax payers and SMEs. The result will contribute in decreasing the dependence on mining sector and imports and support other industries.

Japanese nuclear waste – rumour that Mongolia would import nuclear wastes:

Certain parties and civil organizations stated that nuclear wastes from Japan are to be buried in Mongolia. The statement mentioned that the deal was closed during the PM’s visit to Japan this year, and Minister of Foreign Affairs talked on issues regarding uranium mining activities with France.

Mongolia is a country that has a defined and articulated policy on nuclear energy and uranium mining. The Government for Change is responsibly stating that there is no deal with Japan on nuclear waste burial, and there will be no talks on the issue in the future.

Uranium poisoned livestocks – rumours:

Last year, public has been informed that a livestock was been poisoned by heavy metal substance in Ulaanbadrakh soum, Dornogobi province. The PM appointed group of expertise to investigate the matter, and found out that the reason of death was not due to uranium influence. The reason was copper, selenium, antinomy related poisoning which is also being investigated in collaboration with international laboratories.


Every person has a freedom of speech and freedom of expressing one’s opinion. However, deliberately misinforming the public regarding government policies, decisions, and denigrating is damaging for society and public opinion. Therefore the Government for Change announcing an exclusive warning on spreading and conveying misinformation.

Source: Cabinet Press Office

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