Salary and pension to increase by 30%

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The second discussion on drafts of Budget Law, Social Insurance Fund Law, and Human Development Law was held today at SGK’s Standing Committee of Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science.

During the discussion MPP members in the parliament proposed to increase salary and pension by 30%. The proposal was supported by the majority. The cabinet’s 2014 includes a 10% increase in the salary and pension in the coming year. However, MPP believes that during the time when MNT is in the fall, 10% increase is not a viable solution for the public and for their livelihood. Thus, MPP proposed to increase the salary by 30% which was supported by the majority of the standing committee members. If the SGK or the parliament supports the proposal, the salary of the public servants and pension will increase in 2014 by 30%.


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2 Responses to Salary and pension to increase by 30%

  1. Amber says:

    that’s great. only it will fuel inflation

  2. Valencia says:

    I agree.

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