NGOs protested against uranium mining

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Uranium mining has been facing a lot of protest from the public in the recent years. When a rumour spread that Japan and other countries would bury their nuclear waste in Mongolia, public outrage was apparent. Policy makers calmed the public by saying that there aren’t any plan or agreement to bury nuclear wastes in the Mongolian territory. Even the Prime Minister at the time Mr.S.Batbold officially stated that there aren’t such plans or secret agreements with other countries.

Few days ago, we witnessed visa treaty with French and Areva signing an partnership deal with Mon-Atom LLC, a company that has exclusive rights to explore and mine at uranium deposits. Today, Fire Nation, United River and Lake Association and United Mongol, NGOs protested in front of the Ministry of Mining. They also demanded the officials to stop deviating when implementing the Law on the Prohibition of Minerals Exploration in Water Basins and Forested Areas. They complained that the ministry didn’t respond to their demand and the relevant officials weren’t on workplace in the working hours.

The demand for the nuclear waste and uranium mining stated “Mongolian people do not want to be victims of nuclear danger and be destroyed because of it”. Also, it included following:

“Mongolian people:

– To cancel the strategic partnership of nuclear alliance;

– Prohibit uranium exploration, mining, production, nuclear power plant and nuclear wastes. Cancel all the relevant laws pertaining nuclear activities, and announce Mongolia as a nuclear-free zone by law;

– Hold the people who are lobbying for these nuclear activities responsible, and protect fundamental interests of the people, and halt making decision without asking the people.

To the Minister of Environment and Green Development S.Oyun who is trying to implement yellow-death under the cover of green development:

1. Stop being silent and indirectly in favour of nuclear agreements, and realize your responsibility as a minister responsible for the environment and green development!

2. Support the public on monitoring and estimating environmental damages caused by secret uranium exploration and mining!

3. Create public awareness on nuclear dangers!”

The NGOs also expressed their willingness to take the next available action if the ministries don’t respond.

Fire Nation is the NGO that threatened the parliament and cabinet with bombs and guns. Two coordinators of the organization was arrested 2 months ago when they entered the rear park of the government building which is its premises. Bombs and grenades were found.


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