Regular cabinet meeting in brief

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Burkhan Khaldun has been announced as a national heritage site

Burkhan Khaldun has been a sacred and holy mountain since the times of Bodonchir which is Khiad Borjigin ancestor, and in the times of Chinggis Khaan it has been holy mountain of Mongol Empire.

From last year, Mongolia officially started celebrating the birthday of Chinggis Khaan on 4th of November. Due to the significance of historic and cultural deity, the government is announcing the Burkhan Khaldun mountain as a national heritage site.

National Security Council to discuss the results of PM’s visit to the People’s Republic of China

Between October 22-26th, Prime Minister N.Altankuyag paid an official visit to China. The cabinet discussed the matters of the visit in the regular meeting. Meeting emphasized the significance that it was the first high-level visit since the change in leadership of our neighbour. Two sides had an extensive talk on further developing partnerships and proposed a defined plans and goals. The Minister of Foreign Relations has been charged on duty to submit further work plans with the visit results to the National Security Council.

Partnering with international organizations to raise labour skills

Due to the rising employer’s demand on labour skills, cabinet is to issue a resolution on partnering with World Skills International, an international NGO with 50 member countries. The resolution will be a decision to become a member of the organization.

The proposal was made by the representatives of ministries and unions participated in World Skills Competition held in Leipzig Germany this summer.

Foreign relations and visa treaties

The cabinet is working on expanding the visa treaties to enable the citizens travel without visa requirements. In accordance with the plan, the cabinet discussed visa treaties with Poland, Serbia and Columbia. Currently, people with diplomatic and official passport can travel to 23 countries without visa, and ordinary passport holders can travel to 16 countries without visa requirements.

  • The proposal of travelling to Serbia without visa for 90 days within 6 months has been voted in favour.
  • Official and diplomatic passport holders can travel to Columbia for up to 30 days without visa.

In brief:

  • Diplomatic relations will be established with the countries; Antigua and Barbuda, Burundi, Vanuatu, Palau, Surinam, Sierra Leone, Togo, Eritrea, Jamaica.

Source: Cabinet Press Office

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