Change in leadership of MPP

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MPP or Mongolian People’s Party is the oldest political party established back in 1919. It has been in power non-stop for over 70+ years during both socialist and democratic era of the country. The only time when it has lost its majority in the parliament or State Great Khural was between 1996-2000. Still, during that period, it had major influence over majority Democratic alliance. Prime Minister has been replaced 3 times in that period, one being current president Ts.Elbegdorj.

Since 2000, Democratic Party have never been a majority in the parliament before last year’s election. From 2008-2012, two major parties MPP and DP formed a coalition government, famously named a non-standard decision by the leader at that time Prime Minister, MPP member, and influential politician S.Bayar. During that time, Erdenes MGL state-owned mining company that owns all the licenses belonging to the strategically important mining assets. Also, during that time the famous Oyu Tolgoi agreement was signed and Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi started operations. It really felt that we are at the starting point of a rapid development in late 2010 to early 2012. Except that Erdenes TT is almost bankrupt, and OT is a huge mess with putting us into more debt, and still likely going to keep doing this over the next 15 years.

MPP has changed its name from MPRP or Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party just before the parliamentary election last year. Then, disputed former leader, former-president, Speaker, and Prime Minister Enkhbayar Nambar registered the MPRP as a new party apart from MPP. It has been said that DP helped N.Enkhbayar despite being long-time opponent, because it was a viable calculation to minimize and divide MPP into MPRP. Then, the MPRP leader was jailed for state property embezzlement charges.

Meanwhile, MPP struggled running all levels of elections. Parliamentary, local, presidential – MPP lost it all. It was obvious that power shifted to the city than in the countryside. Most of the people were living in the city. MPP’s vote base is concentrated on retired supporters that lived in the previous era. It emphasizes on their loyalties rather than using modern channels of influence and message – such as social networking or mainstream media. MPP was without a leader. Traditionally, Chairman of the MPP runs for president. This year, MPP Chairman Enkhuvshin did not ran for president after the party members voted. Instead, a famous wrestler, who is said to be relatively clean B.Bat-Erdene ran for president, and lost by a close number. It was apparent that MPP is lacking a charismatic and strong leader who would increase the confidence of the party.

Young members and leaders of MPP struggled to bring change within the party. Obviously, it is hard to bring about a change when the current chiefs and chairmen enjoyed their position for over a decade or more. MPP supporters hoped that the party will become strong and united, but yet reformed, or incur a major change. However, it didn’t happen.

Just yesterday, when the Great Khural of the party was held in the city centre cultural hall, majority of the participants voted for M.Enkhbold, a former prime minister, mayor, and infamous land-dealer. He is infamous, because it was at his time when he was a mayor, the city of Ulaanbaatar became polluted, disorganized, and land-deal corruption flourished. One of the places that many high-level expats and Mongolian elites live is Zaisan which was a protected area and land sales for commercial condos and houses were illegal. Despite the active law, many companies built apartment and houses to run away from the ever-growing winter-smoke that pollutes the city and creates major health problems.

Land-trade made enormous cash for the bureaucrats and politicians. M.Enkhbold is believed widely to the population that he made his fortune in the land-trade business. The comments section in the Mongolian news-portals shows how disappointed the readers are. Our statistics show that 92% of the comment related to the news were negative and 5% wished success.

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