Unemployment has been decreased

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National Statistics Committee has announced that the unemployment rate has decreased comparing to last year. In numbers, comparing to last year the overall unemployed number of people is 37.6 thousand, decreased by 14.7% or by 6.5 thousand people.

The educational class of the unemployed people as follows:

– Masters and Phds degree – 0.5%

– Technical education – 6.8%

– Technical college – 10.5%

– Bachelors degree – 29.9%

– Secondary Education – 41.5%

Above figures show that with those who has completed vocational schools and with Masters and PhDs are the lowest in number of unemployment rate. However, the those who have secondary education and those who earned their bachelor degree accounts for 70% of the unemployment. It means all of the registered unemployed people, 7 out of 10 of them are educated but unemployed. It is a saddening number comparing to their age and education.

However, the committee emphasized that these figures are just those who are registered. Also, it is difficult to exactly calculated how many in the population have no jobs. It will be wasteful to find oneself in unemployment after spending four years at a higher education institute.


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