PM N.Altankhuyag: There is nothing to hide

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The regular press meeting with the Prime Minister held today. PM made a briefing on 2014 draft state budget, and gave answers to the questions from press. He emphasized on the MNT2 trillion increase in the budget, and the discussion is undergoing at the parliament.

What is the timing on the budget amendment?

The Cabinet worked on the amendment. It will be submitted to the parliament in a few days. We are not seeing the income in the budget we desired, therefore spending should be also pari passu.

Will there be any responsibilities for those who made unproductive expenses? What is the position of the cabinet on accountability issues?

State budget was MNT10 billion a decade ago, we built schools and kinder gardens with it. MNT64 billion is being spent on building 2 objects. The cabinet expected to halt the promiscuous budget spending on objects. An school for a soum center is being planned for MNT1-3 billion. We will cut these spendings. In 2013, we had MNT7.3 trillion in budget, in 2014 it will be MNT7.2 trillion.

It has been a year since two provinces had no governors. When is this issue will be resolved?

It is not true. In the Khuvsgul province, Tserenjav is the governor. In Dornod province, Janlav is governing. The reason I am being blamed is that due to the internal quarrel of local representative khural, they can’t summon their members. I have nothing to do with it.

Central Election Committee is to decide on the dispute among Khuvsgul parliament candidates. How it will be resolved?

It will be decided by the relevant legal courts and agencies.

Issues around OT is still behind the curtain. Some MPs complained about the lack of information?

Recently, three Mongolian side board members were in London to negotiate on the issues. They have organized a press conference. Last Wednesday, more people from Rio Tinto were to come for further negotiation. But, they aren’t here yet. They will come on next Monday. Technical staff are in place in UB. Negotiation is still going on. There is nothing to hide.


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