Nationalist group threatens with bombs and guns

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Gal-Undesten – an environmental protectionist and nationalist group in Mongolia threatened with bombs according to the local news. There were shots fired behind the parliament building causing an arrest of 9 people after police found and confiscated 2 rifles. The shots were fired in the air leaving no injuries. However, one of the person in the crowd was injured when the secret agency made an arrest. Also, another source said that a hand-grenade was thrown which didn’t explode.

Foreign missions and embassies are all in high alert. The central square is under strict police control.

The initial protest was announced due to the planned amendments today at the special parliament session on the law with a long name, a law that prohibits mining operations on headwaters and protected zones etc. The change is yet to come, but, the parliament is planning to cancel two laws and make amendments on laws that has been a bottleneck for country’s plummeting foreign investment.

The coordinator or head of the Gal-Undesten(Fire Nation) NGO Ts.Munkhbayar stated in an interview after the incident that it was an accident that the shots were fired. Soon after the shots, law enforcement and military forces checked the area surrounding Central Tower and 1 km around it. Unofficial source told us that a bomb was discovered. However, it is highly unlikely. It has been said that the growing resource nationalism is causing the activists to take extreme measures. Some believe that foreign forces are stirring things in the country.

The same NGO fired up an arrow before at the parliament building and shot at trucks on a mine site as a protest against environmental damages. Mr.Ts.Munkhbayar won the Goldman Environmental Prize back in 2007.

We will update our readers in due course as the General Intelligence Agency is going to make a statement soon.




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