Critical week for politics in the country

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Next week is going to be critical for Mongolia’s fate in the next decade. We will see cancellation of Strategic Investment Law and discussion or even approval of the new Investment Law that will be friendlier towards both foreign and domestic investments. These events will take place at the parliamentary special sessions from 16-27 of September. The original date was from 2-6th of September.

If you watched the interview of Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar on Bloomberg last month, the loan/investment from Japan will be discussed on the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan that began today. Mr.N.Batbayar stated that there are no limit on amount that could be invested in the country from Japan. He also reiterated several times that “They have the capital, we have needs and demands to for their investment…”.

We will update our readers on the above matters in due course.

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