Director of Erdenes OT Da.Ganbold: Will find a neutral solution

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This is a translation from National Post newspaper appeared on 6th of September, 2013.

We talked briefly with the Executive Director of Erdenes OT LLC Da.Ganbold.

Are the sides finding a common language to clear the current debacle and continue the underground development of OT project?

It hasn’t been a while since I was appointed. I will work for solving the prolonged issues. I am getting familiar with the hundreds of pages of documents. Both sides have suffered in a great deal because of not being able to get out of the loggerheads. If we continue like this, both sides will have to pay severely. Therefore, we will try to find a neutral solution as much as possible. Any dispute have their own side of stories, and it is not a 100% fault of a single party. If something was miscalculated and forced upon to the other side, a certain compromise will be a rightful decision or we will still be losing time. Thus, no one will win. Both sides will have to suffer. Therefore, the issues will be solved by means of a neutral solution.

The new board members of OT LLC have been appointed. You are also included in the board. Both PM and Mining Minister clearly stated that they aren’t necessarily have to be involved in the financing of the underground development and the it can be solved at the board level. What is the position of the board?

This is not an issue of the board. There are issues that have to solved both on board and shareholders level. The levels have different array and range of issues to solve. Just like the SGK, cabinet and Court Decision Enforcement Agency have different roles and duties. There are daily issues that board and the management make decisions. Thus, I will be concentrating on solving issues that is included in my decision making power.

When will the board convene?
The regular board meeting is due next week (this week, and according to’s research it’s on 11th of September)
Source: National Post Mongolia

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