Mongolian side board directors of OT LLC

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If our readers remember, we published a editorial  in June regarding the next appointment from the government to take over the board seat in the OT LLC after Ch.Ganbold was resigned. It proved that our assumption was close to the fact we see today as the government appointed the OT LLC directors. All 3 of them were replaced.

Due to the next board meeting on 11th of September, the appointment had to be instant as they need to do the necessary preparations. First, is one of our predicted candidates, Temuulen Ganzorig, Deputy Director of Erdenes MGL LLC – a company that is the parent of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi. He has been working on the OT project from the beginning. He’s the go to person regarding the project from the government side.

The second appointment also proved our editorial true as it was the Director of Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Da.Ganbold, despite the person has changed, the position was rational to be included in the board of OT LLC, as it is the company actually holding the 34% of the project. He is a prominent politician and served as a deputy director of the City Council.

And the third and last director appointed is the Head of Strategic Policy and Planning Department, Ministry of Mining, Ch.Otgochuluu. He previously worked as a adviser to the President on economic development matters.

Our assumption is that, as a person who has more experience in working with OT related matters, G.Temuulen will lead the group.

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