MP S.Ganbaatar: Labor unions of the world, unite!

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In the Regional Symposium on Occupational Safety and Health and Safety organized by ACTRAV (Bureau for Workers’ Activities) Member of Parliament S.Ganbaatar expressed his position on the events happening around Oyu Tolgoi project. He told the press that the OT LLC management or Rio Tinto did not deliver what was expected from the public. Instead of having same level salaries, the pay was significantly lower than the expat peers for the Mongolian nationals. Then he went on criticizing the 1,700 job cuts.

Well, it is logical that if the underground mine development is stopped, there would be no job to perform, thus, making these people redundant. But, it was not his main agenda. His main agenda is to unite the labor unions that has relation with Rio Tinto and take an synergistic measurement. Surprisingly, this initiation started two years ago.He took a examples from the Rio Tinto operations in Canada and Africa. He believes that Rio Tinto is unfair and uses aggressive exploitation methods.

He also criticized that Mongolian government is not taking actions to adopt and ratify the ILO 176th convention which is related to mining health and safety. He believes that mining companies must be transparent on health and safety budget and operation revenues. The symposium is being held in Ulaanbaatar for two days.

MP S.Ganbaatar has been a critic of OT from it’s start. His sister worked for OT LLC till her resignation due to salary quarrel last year. It is believed that his sister gave him insight on Rio Tinto operations in Mongolia which the MP found it unfair.

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