5000 Mongolian folk dancers gather at Sukhbaatar Square

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The Guinness World Record of the “Wonder of Mongolian National Wrestling” was registered officially to the Guinness World Record and it was announced that Mongolia held the Wrestling Tournament Record according to the official site of the Guinness World Record last year.

This year almost 5,000 traditional dancers from 21 aimags and the City have gathered at Sukhbaatar Square to perform a Mongolian folk dance in the effort to hold a Guinness World Record for the folk dance which represent Mongolians unique culture and heritage from the ancient days.

The Mongolian ethnic folk dance is undivided part of Mongolians` character, feature and personality.

The Mongolian folk dance involves over 4000 motions whereas gymnastic involves 2000 motions.

Mongolian folk dancers, including over 10 ethnic groups dressed in their own traditional costumes, have gathered  to set the Guinness World Record with the unique cultural heritage. These 5000 dancers will conduct a huge performance.

Among them  there are participants from three years old to eight years old who have their very own country style. According to the organizers of the event almost 80 percent of the Mongolian folk dancers are young.

The Mongolian folk dancers who believe that such an act is a historical event are planning to register to the Guinness World Record on July 10th just before the big days of Naadam.

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One Response to 5000 Mongolian folk dancers gather at Sukhbaatar Square

  1. Jaak Palmans says:

    On July 10 as a tourist in Mongolia, I witnessed these dances on Sükhbaatar Square. I was very much impressed with seeing this performance of so many dancers. Congratulations!
    Can please somebody tell me whether this attempt to set a record was successful? Was this performance accepted by the Guiness Book of World Records?
    Sincerely yours
    Jaak Palmans, Maaseik, Belgium

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