PetroChina to pay MNT1.3 billion for environmental damages

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As Mongolia moves to improve its safety and environmental standards many companies have been affected by the law. One of them is “Petrochina Dachin Tamsag” – a oil company operates far east of the country. The wholly China owned company is deemed to pay MNT1.3 billion after three levels of the court established the company guilty for the huge environmental damages it caused in the area. However, the company requested to put the case under review due to new and previously undiscovered evidence and situation.

The court ruled that the “new” evidences submitted the court is nothing new and it is unnecessary for another review on 25th of June.

Now, “Petrochina Dachin Tamsag” is deemed to pay the forfeit of MNT1.3 billion (USD960 thousand) within the time-frame stated in the law.

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