Ulaanbaatar to have a subway in 2020

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метро өртөө

It was a dream for many Mongolians especially for the Ulaanbaatar city dwellers to have a subway system. Finally the initiation came from the City Government after many years of research and feasibility study. Foundation was laid yesterday for the first UB Subway from Amgalan to Tolgoit through the Peace Avenue with distance of 17.7 km. The distance between the stations will be 800-1000 meters and it will take about 20-30 minutes to reach from one end to another.

It will be a great step of urban development of the city. The youngest subway in the world is currently the Almaty metro which took 23 years to build after number of disruptions and billions of dollars spent. Comparing to Almaty’s  inconsistent pebble stone, boulder pebble and boulder soils it is manageable to achieve the 2020 target for Ulaanbaatar.

City authorities believe it will be help to boost the value of real estate in the distant districts and expand the supply chain networks. The subway will not only profit from selling passenger tickets, it will also include ads in the stations and other shops and cafes that will be inside and around the stations. The research showed that it will add 150 thousand jobs as an effect subway being in place.

Initial budget for the subway system is $1.5 billion and JICA will support the 49% of the required investment. Remaining required capital will be budgeted in the state and city government budget.


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