Tavan Tolgoi West Tsankhi bid winner is yet to be announced

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Bid was announced on operating West Tsankhi of Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mine and the deadline was on 31st of May. Number of companies and incorporates submitted their interested to Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC. The companies include – Mongol 999 National Unity, Tavan Tolgoi Trans, Khishig Arvin Industrial, Mongolian National Miner, MERA – Mongolian miners cooperation, Absolute Mining, Eibir Digm Mongol Last, Monlaa. The materials submitted by Absolute Mining, Eibir Digm Mongol Last, and Monlaa were not satisfactory to the bid committee. One of the remaining two incorporates will win the bid. These are Tavan Tolgoi Trans and Mongol 999 National Unity.

Erdenes TT JSC resumed their operation on 23rd of April mining from its East Tsankhi. The East Tsankhi coal is being exported to Chalco, China. After the bid the West Tsankhi will be operational with the planned 2 million ton coking coal to be mined this year that could find a different customer. Thus, Erdenes TT JSC will have a chance to solve the financial difficulties sooner.

Speculation was around that Peabody Energy would be the operator of West Tsankhi. The bid contract is for one year possibly causing the big miners to be uninterested in committing for such a short period of time. The remaining two incorporates are both national companies. Mongol 999 National Unity operates in Tavan Tolgoi JSC’s mine site (Commonly known as small TT). Tavan Tolgoi Trans is a daughter company of Ajnai corporation.

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