Presidential Candidates Confirmed

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The three  presidential candidates from Mongolian People’s Party, Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and Democratic party is confirmed and received their mandate from the General Election Committee. The candidates are MPP – Bat-Erdene B., MPRP – Udval Ch., DP – Elbegdorj Ts – current president.

Green Party is supporting MPP candidate Bat-Erdene B. due to his views on environmental issues. Civil Will – Green Party is supporting DP candidate Elbegdorj Ts.

The MPRP and MPP had same supporters before it was divided by Enkhbayar Nambar – a political heavyweight, former president, prime minister and speaker – currently in a prison for corruption charges. However, he is serving his time in 2nd Clinical Center in Ulaanbaatar due to his health complications.

It is believed by the political analysts that the vote for the DP’s competitor will be divided between MPP and MPRP making the odds high for these parties. DP has won the majority seat in the parliament last year forming a coalition cabinet with Justice Coalition – MPRP and MNDP (Mongolian National Democratic Party).

Brief biography for the candidates as follow:

Elbegderj Tsakhia, born in 1963 in Khovd province. Lives with his wife, mother and 25 children which 20 is adopted.


1988 – Military Political Institute of USSR in Lviv, Ukraine, Journalism and Marxism-Leninism;
2001 – University of Colorado, USA, Diploma;
2002 – Harvard University, USA, Master of Public Administration;


1981-1982  Erdenet mine, machinist and maintenance staff;
1988-1990 Ulaan-Od (Red – Star) newspaper, reporter;
1989-1991  Mongolian Democratic Union, leader;
1992-1994  Member of Parliament;
1994-1996  National Security Council, Analyst;
1996-1999  Mongolian National Democratic Party, Head;
2000-          Freedom Center, founder and honorary President;
2004-2006 Prime Minister;
2005-2008 Democratic Party, Head;
2008-2009 Member of Parliament;
2009-           President of Mongolia.

Bat-Erdene Badmaanyambuu, born in 1964 in Khentii province. Lives with his wife and 3 children.


1990 – Military University of Mongolia, Lawyer.

Holds a master’s degree in law.


1983-2000 Khuch Sport Society, sportsman, deputy chief, chief;
1999-2004 Avarga Sport University, director;
2004-          Member of Parliament.

Udval Natsag, born in 1954 in Arkhangai province.


1978 Health and Science University of Mongolia, Neonatologist;
1992 PhD in Education;
1997 Manchester University, UK, Master of Health Administration;
2002 Sc.D in Medicine.


1978-1979  Khotont soum hospital, Head physician;
1979-1984  Arkhangai Central Hospital, Neonatologist;
1985-1992  Maternity Research Center, Project Administrator;
1992-1993  Infant Clinic, Director;
1993-1995  Medical Institute, Lecturer;
1997-1999  UNICEF, Project staff;
1999-2000  Ministry of Health, Head of Administration Department;
2004-2006  Ministry of Health, Analyst of Health Sector Policy Reform Project;
2006-2007  World Bank and Asian Development Bank projects, Analyst at public service sector reform projects;
2007-2009  MPRP, Head of Disciplinary Committee;
2009-2010  Social welfare reform policy analyst;
2011-2012  MPRP (new MPRP after leaving MPP), General Secretary;
2012-           Cabinet member, Minister of Health.



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