The Committee approves the proposal on investigating OT LLC

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State Budget Standing Committee has accepted the proposal of MP Ganbaatar S. investigating Oyu Tolgoi LLC on its tax and other related agreements and contracts obligations. A working group will be formed soon to implement the decision. Ganbaatar S. is one of the hardliners on issues surrounding Oyu Tolgoi project.

Former Finance Minister MP Bayartsogt S. and Ganbaatar S. had a debate over Oyu Tolgoi deal last year. Overall reaction was that Ganbaatar S. didn’t have enough sound facts and validity for his argument. However, it was him that the most public sided with due to his nationalist view on exploiting strategic deposits.

We will update our readers on the related developments in due course.

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One Response to The Committee approves the proposal on investigating OT LLC

  1. wazz zee says:

    It seems that Ganbaatar S. can not support his claims against RIO and yet has successfully prevented the opening of OT. His hardliner view will not not work with Global investors. Any refocus on the OT agreement is viewed negatively by the world. Mongolians should be outraged that Ganbaatar S. and others like him have prevented Mongolia from successfully entering the International community. If this view continues Mongolia will not only never receive foreign investment, but will there will always be doubt about respects for future agreements and their minerals in the ground will stay there.

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