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Last week, Mongolian People’s Party has elected its candidate for the upcoming presidential election.  Chief of MPP Mr. Enktuvshin and MP Mr. Bat-Erdene had a close number of votes twice when the MPP members voted for the candidate electing Mr. Bat-Erdene after 1 vote was announced obsolete.

Mr. Bat-Erdene Badmaanyambuu is a former professional wrestler and had won many titles in judo, sambo, amateur sumo and, of course, Mongolian traditional wrestling. He holds the record of 11 wins in Naadam. He is also, lawyer by education and former policeman.

He is hardliner on protecting the environment and irresponsible mining – including the OT deal. Him and MP Mr. Ganbaatar and other 20 members of parliament called for the amendment of OT agreement last year. He is well respected among the population, and  known for his non-aligning position.

Last month when Sant-Maral Foundation conducted a survey on the current ratings of politicians Mr. Bat-Erdene came 5th as a suitable president for the country after the current president Mr. Elbegdorj – 1st,  MP Mr. Ganbaatar -2nd, and former-president Mr. Enkhbayar – 3rd.

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