Mr. Ganbold Chuluun resigns from the Oyu tolgoi Board

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After the victory of Democratic Party in the parliamentary elections last year, the party intensively replaced the directors and chiefs of high level organizations. As part of the process Mr. Ganbold Chuluun has been resigned from the Oyu Tolgoi LLC board. Mr. Ganbold Chuluun served as a board member from June, 2010 until his resignation in March, 2013.

He is also the Chairman of the Board of XacBank and TenGer Financial Group. He was formerly an adviser to the Prime Minister and the Constitutional Court, President of the Mongolian Advertising Association and President of the Rotary International service club in Mongolia.

He is believed to be the closest adviser to the political-heavyweight, former Prime Minister, and influential member of Mongolian People’s Party Mr. Bayar Sanj.

Mongolian government has two other board members, Mr. Bagabandi Natsag, a former-president and MPP member, and Mr. Tsagaan Puntsag, Chief of Staff of the President. The new member is yet to be appointed.

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One Response to Mr. Ganbold Chuluun resigns from the Oyu tolgoi Board

  1. Textile says:

    Now DP will going to nominate some loser for the Board. Let’s see and wait.

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