Mongolia is the one of the most unfriendly nations for tourists

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The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 rated 140 countries according to their attractiveness and ability to develop their travel and tourism industries. It used a combination of data from publicly available sources, international travel and tourism institutions and experts.

The report examined the “attitude of a population toward foreign visitors”, with a score of one being very unwelcome and seven very welcome. Bolivia was ranked the least tourist-friendly nation in the world, at 140th place it received a score of 4.1.

It was closely followed in the unfriendly stakes by Venezuela, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Mongolia, China, Korea.

And tourists wanting the warmest welcoming should head to Iceland and New Zealand, with both sitting in the top position with a value of 6.8.

Attitude of population toward foreign visitors
Top 10
1 Iceland  6.8
2 New Zealand  6.8
3 Morocco  6.7
4 Macedonia, FYR  6.7
5 Austria 6.7
6 Senegal 6.7
7 Portugal 6.6
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina  6.6
9 Ireland 6.6
10 Burkina Faso  6.6

Bottom 10
140 Bolivia 4.1
139 Venezuela 4.5
138 Russian Federation 5.0
137 Kuwait 5.2
136 Latvia 5.2
135 Iran, Islamic Rep. 5.2
134 Pakistan 5.3
133 Slovak Republic 5.5
132 Bulgaria 5.5
131 Mongolia 5.5

The dataset includes both survey data from the World Economic Forum’s annual Executive Opinion Survey and quantitative data from publicly available sources, international organisations, and tourism institutions and experts (IATA, the IUCN, the UNWTO, WTTC, UNCTAD, and UNESCO). The survey is carried out among chief executive officers and top business leaders in all economies covered by World Economic Forum research.

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One Response to Mongolia is the one of the most unfriendly nations for tourists

  1. Ulzii says:

    Foreign propaganda. Mongolians are the rare people who have the most warm welcoming for foreigners. Don’t forget that!!!

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