Mongolian parliament debates use of Chinggis Khan Name and Image

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Mongolia’s legislature began debating a law on regulating the use of Chinggis Khan’s name in a bid to prevent the memory of the legendary conqueror from being cheapened. The draft was submitted by The Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP) and MP G. Bayarsaikhan, G. Uyanga, J. Batzandan. Under the provisions of the new law, use of the name Chinggis Khan for commercial purposes would be granted only by the government, which would set fees for its licensing. Furthermore, it would forbid the Chinggis Khan name or portrait to be employed on vodka bottles or cigarette boxes.

According to the law, Chinggis Khan name and official portrait, Soyombo-national emblem can be used for given name for a person and for propose of art and cultural work, except as otherwise prohibited by law and it shall not cover government organization`s use of Soyombo-national emblem. As the law was supported by the Cabinet meeting, it will now be discussed at and finally approved by the Parliament in the near future.

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