Hanbumbat airport to be operational in the first quarter 2013

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Having its much awaited copper concentrator commissioned at the end of the last year, Oyu Tolgoi LLC recently completed the construction of Hanbumbat Airport, located 36 kilometers in the south west of Khanbogd soum, Umnugovi Province. Once accepted by the government authorities in the first quarter of the year as planned by the mine, the new airport will be fully operational.

The airport was built by “Arts Suvarga”, a national company, involving 700 Mongolian engineers, architects and construction workers. Framed on the design of Mongolian traditional dwelling – ‘ger’ and decorated with gold and copper colors, Hanbumbat has met all the necessary international standards. Its runway is with 3,250 meters length and 45 meters width. It should be noted that airstrips in Moron and Hovd cities of Mongolia are 2,800 meters long, much shorter than that of the new airport in Khanbogd.

Hanbumbat will have the the capacity of handling 240 passengers per hour. Large commercial planes such as C-130 and passenger aircrafts such as Boeing 737-800 can land and take off from either side of the Hanbumbat runway.

The Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning awarded its “best local development in 2012” prize the Hanbumbat project, recognizing its unique design and importance to the economy. The total project cost was at MNT 2.5 Billion.

Oyu Tolgoi is considered to be the second largest in the world in terms of its mineral reserves such as copper and gold. Once put into full operation, it is expected that OT will become one of the largest five mines globally.

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