Six provinces to be connected via asphalt road in 2013

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Mongolia’s new government announced in its Action Plan that it will have all the provincial centers connected via asphalt road by 2015. Having reliable, paved road is critical given that Mongolia has the lowest population density of 1.7 people per square kilometer with vast and open areas.

At a recent cabinet meeting of the government, Ministers discussed the road construction plans for the next few years to come. It has been agreed that Hovsgol, Dornod, Dornogovi-Zamiin Uud, Dundgovi, Umnugovi and Bayanhongor provinces will be connected to Ulaanbaatar with paved road in 2013. It is hoped that once these provinces have new road network, individuals and businesses will be able to travel in much less time with more safety and comfort between these destinations.

The government is also planning to complete the construction of asphalt roads for Govi-Altai, Zavhan and Suhbaatar aimags by 2014. Additionally, paved roads will be built in 2015 connecting Uvs, Hovd, and Bayan-Olgii provinces to Ulaanbaatar.

The priority for the government in 2013 will then be to launch the road construction for the above mentioned six provinces on a timely basis and ensure that project is carried out with high quality standards. According to Road and Transport Minister, executing companies for these projects have been selected and their detailed work plans are finalized. However, the Ministry is working to select qualified contractors to build remaining 186 kilometers of road in three different locations in the territory of these six provinces.

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