Mongolia will export more coal to China

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Despite a slowdown in economic growth, China’s coal output and imports have continued climbing to record highs.

China will import more and consume more coal in 2013 to feed its ever growing economy.

Industry estimates suggest that the total of China’s coal production and imports in 2012 neared an epic 4 billion metric tons.

China’s annual imports are near 270 million tons of which most of them are imported from Australia and Indonesia.

Last year Mongolia exported over 21 million tons of coal to China which is just half of its annual output.

Mongolia’s coal export is likely to increase due to new railways and increase in production of some of the largest coal mines in Mongolia including Tavan Tolgoi.

International experts predict that China’s coal import will increase in 2013 and coal exporter countries like Australia and Mongolia will benefit from such growth.

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One Response to Mongolia will export more coal to China

  1. China was first known to be one of the top countries that produce coal all over the world along with USA, India, Australia, and South Africa. However, China had to suspend small mining operations around mid 2012 to ensure safety though experts are pointing to the economic growth slowdown. This called for China to import more coals from booming coal exporter countries like that of Australia and Mongolia. If this continues to happen as predicted, Mongolia and Australia are sure lucky countries.

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