2012 harvest data released: 461,600 tons of wheat produced

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The Cabinet Meeting of Mongolian Government, held on the 28th December, 2012, discussed the results of 2012 harvest nationwide. According to the government data released, Mongolian growers harvested a total of 883,100 tons of wheat and vegetables this year. Of the total crop production, 461,600 tons of wheat, 242,700 tons of potato, 98,000 tons of various vegetables, and 45,000 tons of livestock fodder were grown and harvested.

Industry and Agriculture Minister H.Battulga reported at the cabinet meeting that the domestic production can now meet 100% of its wheat and potato needs, and up to 53.6% of that for various other vegetables. Previously, large portion of wheat and crops were imported to Mongolia from overseas.

Minister H.Battulga was also tasked to take measures to introduce advanced technologies and machinery in the agricultural field, strengthen the sector’s economic capability, and increase the current crop production and warehousing capacities.

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