Government to set the limit of foreign workers

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Following the Cabinet Meeting held on December 22nd, 2012, the government is planning to issue a decree on foreign workers and professionals required to work at construction and other sectors in 2013. This documentation will dictate the number and percentage of international workers to work at large development projects, and the length of time they can remain in the country.

Health Minister N.Udval was tasked to prepare the decree which will require organizations requesting foreign workers to ensure that their health is checked with detailed medical tests prior to coming Mongolia. Previously, foreign workers except for those from North Korea were not required to present results of their health and medical condition.

As of 01 November 2012, there were 22,284 workers from 103 countries currently residing in Mongolia. Of those, 70% were from People’s Republic of China, 8% from North Korea, and 3% from Russian Federation. Workers from South Korea, Vietnam, USA and Australia each presented 2% of the international work force in Mongolia.

Government issued permits to 50 businesses and organizations to bring international workers in 2012. It was reported that the state has collected MNT 51 Billion from work permit fees paid by these host entities.

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