Mongolia ranked 100th at the Global Energy Index

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The World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture and a panel of experts have developed an Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI). The EAPI benchmarks and ranks 105 countries globally on how well their energy system delivers economic growth and development, environmental sustainability and energy security and access. In a changing global energy landscape, countries are seeking ways to manage the transition to new energy systems that better deliver on these core goals. The EAPI offers a tool for decision makers to monitor the performance of their energy system and a basis for assessing areas to improve.

It is a global initiative with the aim of creating a set of indicators that help to highlight the performance of various countries across each facet of their energy systems. In doing so, it attempts to meet two interlinked goals. First, it aims to assess energy systems across their three primary objectives: delivering economic growth, doing so in an environmentally sustainable manner, and ensuring security of supply and access for all. Second, it aims to create a “one-stop shop” for stakeholders where they can easily access transparent and robust datasets and the resulting analysis. The EAPI thus combines an innovative blend of indicators to this end.

Out of the 105 countries ranked by 2013 EAPI, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Latvia were the top performers. Mongolia is ranked at the 100th place, and behind us were Nepal, Lebanon, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

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