ADB to support the development of Ger areas in Ulaanbaatar

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Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul signed yesterday a memorandum with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement a project to improve the technical capacity of UB city planning. ADB plans to invest USD 700 Million for the next ten years in upgrading Ulaanbaatar’s sewage and engineering system and re-planning the Ger areas. Feasibility studies for these projects will be financed by the USD 1.5 Million granted by the Japanese poverty reduction fund.

In accordance with the Ulaanbaatar master plan to 2030, ADB will support the development of ger districts dividing them into eight sub areas, initially focusing on Bayanhoshuu, Doloon Buudal and Chingeltei, all of which are heavily populated by ger-dwellers. They plan to do re-planning on 162 hectares of land in Bayanhoshuu area, and 119 hectares in Chingeltei. According to the project administration, the actual implementation of the program will be launched from June next year.

By 2020, ger areas in Bayanhoshu and Chingeltei will be completely revitalized with new sewage and running water systems, and there will be modern shopping centers, car parking, and apartment complexes. In the centre of the area will be a town housing complex too, as stated by the ADB staff. He noted that the planning and implementation will be done with active citizen participation.

After signing the MoU, Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul thanked the bank in supporting the city’s initiative to improve the quality of life in Ger districts by enhancing the important infrastructure system and general living conditions. ADB’s financing is an historical event that will play a role in city’s future, he added.

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