Taxi and school buses to travel on the first lane in UB

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It is been a few months since the Ulaanbaatar Capital authorities started the implementation of its new decision to regulate city’s traffic in order to reduce the congestion. Major changes included the restriction of cars on road depending on its number plates and an city order to let the public buses to travel on the first lane only.

According to city officials, the new measures have been useful resulting in marked reduction in the traffic jam, and many residents now consider buses to be the fastest travel means in Ulaanbaatar. As a result, the number of passengers using public transportation was significantly increased.

This week, city authorities announced another new initiative for the city’s road. As stated by G.Dorjpalam from the Public Transportation Department of Ulaanbaatar, in addition to public buses and trolleybuses, taxis, meeting government standards, and buses transporting school children and workers are now allowed to travel on the first lane too. The regulation will be effective 10 December 2012, and be applied on the main part of the Peace Avenue, running between Tavan Shar in the west side of the city, and Ring Road at the Officers Palace to the east. Thousands of motorists do drive on this key road on a daily basis.

The officials are also planning to introduce an express bus service linking the city in all directions starting from February next year. It is hoped to reduce the travel times of passengers in UB. The city is also planning to improve of the organization and quality of bus and taxi services. According to G.Dorjpalam, more buses will be on the road next year. This year alone, private companies operating public transportation bought 136 buses. And, the city is planning to purchase 100 new buses and 20 trolleybuses next year. More details can be obtained in Mongolian at

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