Democratic Party won in the local elections

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As a result of the local elections held on November 21, voting for the members of Citizens Hurals in soums and aimags, Democratic Party (DP) took majority of hural seats in 12 provinces, and Mongolian People’s Party won in 9 provinces. However, a re-election was taken place Friday and Saturday last week in Ulaaanbaatar’s districts, Darhan-Uul and Orhon aimags due to the fact the voters’ attendance was less than 50% in the first place.

According to the official results announced by the Election Committee this week, Democratic Party took the majority of votes in five districts in Ulaanbaatar, which means that these districts will now be managed by the representatives from this party. Mongolian People’s party took the majority of Hural seats in nine provinces and four districts as a whole.

It is a very successful election for DP given that it had won only in fours aimags and one district in Ulaanbaatar in 2008.

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