Salkhit Wind Farm to Begin Operation Next Month

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The Minister of Energy B. Sonompil has introduced the large renewable power station that is being erected at the Tuv aimag’s Sergelen soum’s Salkhit mountains. The Salkhit wind farm which will be connected to the central grid will start distributing power starting next month. The Newcom Group states that the power generated from the plant will be able to sustain more than 100 thousand households with its 50 megawatt capacity generated from 31 wind turbines. At the moment 10 of the 31 wind turbines have been erected at the sight. Minister B.Sonompil stated “This is the largest establishment in the energy sector since 1983 in Mongolia. This marks the beginning of renewable resource development in Mongolia. Our nation is blessed with abundant source of renewable energy and we have the potential to build a large solar power station. Research has shown that there is a giant solar energy source in Gobi.”

We have asked few questions regarding the progress of the project from the Head of the Clean Energy Company S. Enkh-Amgalan which is investing into the project.

Q: How did you determine the wind energy source?

A: Wind energy which is renewable resource has been studied since 2004. We have used the advice and consultation from many researchers and studies. Wind farms around the world rate wind speed of 8-9 meters per second as first class. Salkhit’s wind speed reaches 8.2 meters per second. The production work of the power station began in April and the wind farm will be operational by end of the year.

Q: How much did the construction cost? How did you decide to invest into it?

A: The total cost of the project is 175 billion MNT with a certain portion from private investment and other from bank loans. The Millennium Challenge Fund and the Ministry of Energy has supported the project too.

Q: It is said that renewable resource is economical and environmentally friendly. What is the advantage of Salkhit wind farm?

A: The Salkhit power station will save 1.6 million ton water, 150 thousand ton coal and prevent the emission of greenhouse gases equivalent to 180 thousand ton. World experts agree that one hectare of forestation or trees can reduce greenhouse gases by 10 ton, thus the Salkhit wind farm is equivalent to 18 thousand hectares of forestation.

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