2013 Budget Law approved

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Parliament of Mongolia passed the 2013 state budget at its session held on Thursday afternoon, 08 November 2012. 76.9% of the MPs who were present at the session supported the budget law.

It is projected that consolidated budget revenue is to be MNT 7.08 Trillion, and it is equivalent to 40.2% of gross domestic product, down from 45% in 20111. However, the state budget spending will be MNT 7.44 Trillion, making the deficit at MNT 356 Billion. The budget deficit is going to be at 2% of the GDP, and therefore it meets the requirements specified in all the budget related laws and regulations.

It is also planned that Ulaanbaatar city will contribute MNT 3.7 Billion to the local development fund in 2013, whereas Orhon and Umnugovi provinces are expected to provide with MNT 2.6 Billion and MNT 23.6 Billion to the fund, respectively.

It can be said that a third of the budget is to be investment, another third is government consumption, and the last is transfer payments. One of the main weaknesses of the 2013 the budget is that it contains numerous investment projects that has no, or little feasibility studies conducted. Therefore, it is hard to see whether the proposed development projects will be economically viable in the long run.

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