Monetary Policy Board was newly established

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On 26th of October, the Bank of Mongolia announced that Monetary Policy Board was newly established, thereof members, guideline have been approved. According to Zoljargal, The Governor of Bank of Mongolia, all decisions regarding monetary policy shall be made from that Board and will implement the decision making procedures to be transparent for the public.

The Board Members are N.Zoljargal, B.Javkhlan, First Deputy Governor, E.Batshugar, Deputy Governor, S.Bold, chief economist, advisor to Governor of BoM, G.Gan-Ochir, advisor to the Governor of BoM, director of Financial Stability Board, D.Boldbaatar, Director of Monetary Policy and Research Department, D.Delgersaikhan, Director of International Economic Department, B.Lkhagvasuren, Director of Supervision Department, S.Purev, Deputy Finance Minister, B.Tuvshintogs,, director of Economic Research Institute, B.Otgontugs, prof, deputy director in research of NUM, D.Batjargal, Director of Institute of Finance and Economy.

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