Statistical information to be received via your phone

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National Statistics Office (NSO) of Mongolia is making it possible for the general public to receive the key economic, social and population data, previously distributed in print, via smart phone and Ipad. Having installed an app called “Monstat” on their mobile devices, customers can now view publications such as the annual report of Mongolian economical and social data, monthly bulletins and quarterly magazine “National Statistics”. In addition, the 2010 report on population census and housing can be obtained.

Many of the reports can be viewed free of charge, while others are sold at affordable prices depending on the type of information. Anyone interested in the service can download the app from at no cost.

NSO has also introduced a new web-based service at Called as MONSYS, or the service for statistical data, the website allows users search historical information on a wide range of topics including population, labor market, local administration, state budget, education, housing, business, crime and commodity prices.

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