M.Enkhsaihan appointed to CEO of “Mongolian Railway”

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State Property Committee has appointed M.Enkhsaihan, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP), to the position of CEO of the state owned railway corporation “Mongolian Railway”, established in 2008 with the main task of building railway and its infrastructure in the country. MNDP, along with the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, formed an alliance called “Justice” during the recent election, winning a numbers of parliament seats. The alliance established a coalition government with the Democratic Party, who won the largest number of seats in the Parliament, but not a clear majority.

It is hoped that “Mongolian Railway” will be responsible for the design and implementation of new rail projects, critical to the sustainable development of Mongolian economy. According to the company’s mission and operations plan, it is also tasked for manufacturing, assemblage and maintenance of railway infrastructure and rolling stock, as well as acquiring locomotives, wagons and other railway objects.

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