Last Lenin statue has been removed

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Last bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin in Ulaanbaatar has been removed and been taken off from city’s property registration.

The monument was hoisted from its plinth in a park and dropped on to the back of a flat-bed lorry at a ceremony attended by city mayor Bat-Uul. E.
Mr. Bat-Uul said the statue would be auctioned off with a starting price of about 280 USD. In a 10-minute speech, he denounced Lenin and his fellow communists as “murderers”. Mongolia had suffered at the hands of the communists but had moved on to create an open society, he added. For decades Vladimir Lenin was worshipped by Mongolian schoolchildren as Teacher Lenin.

A crowd of around 300 people gathered to watch the statue being taken down. A few threw old shoes at it to display their distaste at the former Soviet leader.

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