Democratic Party declares election win in UB

Jun 29 • News • 1205 Views • 1 Comment on Democratic Party declares election win in UB

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Democratic Party won the majority of seats in Parliamentary election says Ch.Saikhanbileg, head of DP faction in the Parliament. Ch.Saikhanbileg held a press conference earlier today and stated that Dem Party won 11 seats out of 14 in UB City Representative Khural’s election.

Mongolian People’s Party also held a press conference and stated that their candidates performed stronger in the countryside. These results are unofficial and 90% of votes were collected in by the General Election Committee says media representative J.Nergui.

The General Election Committee is integrating the results and people of Mongolia and the media is eagerly waiting for the full election results.

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One Response to Democratic Party declares election win in UB

  1. Homo says:

    Saihanbileg chini g.o.m.o ni uneen. Zaluuhan b.a.n.d.i nariig erhluuldeg. Bi ter b.a.n.d.i naraas ni medeelel avah geheer aigaad ogdoggui. Gadaadad tsagaachlahad ni tusalbal medeelel ogno gedeg. Daanch minii chadal arai hurehgui baina. Tusalj chadah hun baival end hayagaa uldeegrei. Hamtarj ajillii.

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