1.833.478 electors are registered in the final list

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Two days to go to the election date, deciding the faith and fortune of Mongolia in next 4 years. Since the Government’s investment makes more than half of GDP, the politics is very important to the business community and economy of Mongolia.
According to the General Authority of State Registration, 1.833.478 people are registered in the electors’ list.
Initial list was released by the GASR through its website, saying there are 1.829.879 electors. It was later updated into 1.839.984 after the proof and combining the sources. Only after the completion of the second phase, conducted on May 3, the final list was presented to the General Committee of the Election. The triple screened list was copied to the 1906 vote counting server of 26 election districts by GCE.
Chairman L.Amarsanaa stated that “names of 1.833.478 citizen were copied to the election vote counting server, therefore, no chance for the breaches such as duplication of the votes.” Election vote machines hold data of electors’ data, image and fingerprints.
According to the final list, 1.029.008 electors are in six electoral district of Ulaanbaatar city and 804.470 electors in 20 districts in the countryside.

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