Former President N.Enkhbayar was arrested

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Authority Against Corruption yesterday received permission from Sukhbaatar District court to arrest former President Nambar Enkhbayar. Police came to arrest N.Enkhbayar yesterday around 8 p.m but unable to do so because of Enkhbayar’s bodyguards, protesters and party members. The situation calmed around 2 a.m and police left N.Enkhbayar’s home without any success.

The Police came back to N.Enkhbayar’s apartment around 6 a.m and raided the house and arrested the former President.

E.Amarbat, the head of the Investigation Department of Authority Against Corruption says N.Enkhbayar is accused of resisting arrest and is under investigation for corruption.

Unofficial sources say that N.Enkhbayar was sent to detention center in Tuv Province.

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