Irregular session of the Parliament began

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Irregular Parliament session of Mongolia started yesterday. D.Demberel, Speaker of the Parliament opened the session with his speech and noted that the irregular session is called on because of an urgent issue. Amendment to the law on budget and law on local election are some of the issues that will be discussed during this session that will continue for three days.

“Wage rise has negative aspect in the whole economy but if arranged correctly it could have positive influence. It also one important tool that increases the value of Mongolians” said D.Demberel in his speech. Parliament has planned to increase the wages by two steps. Wages of the state workers will be increased by 80,000 MNT on March 1st and by further 23% by May 1st.

The other important issue is the law on local election. MPP and DP have disagreements over whether to hold the local election on the same day as the Parliament election.

The Speaker noted that if the two Parties reach an agreement then the session could end on time. The irregular session is scheduled for 3 days and is planned to end on Wednesday.

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