Weekly Stock Exchange Review

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Five stock trades were held at the Mongolian Stock Exchange on the days of February 6-10. 1.4 million shares of 84 JSCs were traded totaling MNT 663.1 million in value.

Index TOP-20 was 20924.32 points increasing 859.64 units or 4.3% against the week earlier. The total market capitalization was set at MNT two trillion 74.5 billion increasing MNT 71.8 billion or 3.6%.

Shares of “Bayalag nalaikh” /47.5%/, “Mongol shevro” /37.3%/, and “Nomt khairkhan” /32.3%/ increased, but shares of “Sav shim” /27.7%/, “Khishig uul” /15.0%/, and “Khargia” /15.0%/ decreased. 56 stocks closed higher, 17 shares declined and 11 shares remained unchanged. Shares of “Remikon” /335.3 thousand units/, “Khokh gan” /300.2 thousand units/ and “Hermes center” /283.0 thousand units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume and in terms of trading value–“APU” (MNT 123.3 million), “Mongol shiltgeen” (MNT 71.5 million), and “Remikon” (58.1 million).

Source: The Mongolian Stock Exchange

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