Year for Support of Employment Ends with Positive Results

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The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare were declared the leading contributors to the project “Year for Support of Employment – 2011”.

Among agencies, the Department for Small and Medium Industries, the Department of Labor and Social Welfare, the Department of Road, the Department of Specialized Education, and the Department of Forestry were chosen as the leading contributors.

From the branches of the National Committee for Yearly Goals, the Law and Finance Bureau; from the social association organizations, the Ulaanbaatar city Laborer’s Union, and the Dornod and Selenge province Employer’s Unions were mentioned for their contributions.

Also, the Mayors of Selenge, Zavhan, and Tuv Province, chief secretaries of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, the Ministry of Roads Transportation Construction and Urban Development, and the Ministry o f Justice and Home Affairs, as well as other notable contributors were given rewards.

The above individuals and organizations were chosen for their efforts in increasing employment as well as their  help in resolving law and financial issues regarding new workers.

As a result of the project, 72 thousand Mongolians were able to secure long-term jobs. Also, the Government worked on renovating the laws regarding employment and labor as well as promoting organizations which maintained their work posts.

Prime Minister S.Batbold, who worked as head of the committee for “Year for Support of Employment – 2011” said that the work that has been done this year sets the stage for future development of the workforce and employment sector in Mongolia. He stated that the Government will focus on supporting low-income citizens in the upcoming year.

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