D.Demberel pays official visit to Japan

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D.Demberel, Speaker of the Parliament will pay an official visit to Japan with an invitation from the Speaker of Japan’s house of Councilors. The speaker will meet with House of Councilors Speaker K.Hirata, House of Representatives Speaker T.Yokomichi, Prime Minister Yo.Noda, Emperor Akihito, and Empress Michiko. D.Demberel will also take part in a Mongolia-Japan investment seminar and meet with Mongolians living in Japan.

The speaker’s visiting delegation includes: Chief of the Standing Committee on Budget D.Khayankhyarvaa; MP and head of parliamentary group of Mongolia and Japan Su.Batbold; members of parliamentary group D.Gankhuyag and Z.Altai; Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade B.Bolor; Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy T.Enkhtaivan; Secretary of the Speaker’s Office S.Magnaisuren; Councilor of Public and Press of the Speaker B.Zolbayar; and Head of Foreign Relations and Cooperation Department of the Speaker’s Office Ts.Narantungalag.

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