President Ts.Elbegdorj receives EU ambassadors

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Yesterday the President Ts.Elbegdorj received the Ambassadors of the European Union and its countries in Mongolia. He has expressed his satisfaction with meeting with them and then briefed to present political and economic situation in Mongolia.

Mentioning that Mongolia attaches a great importance to development of the relations and cooperation with the European countries, the State Head said the EU countries are considered the “Third neighbors” of Mongolia in accordance with the foreign policy.

“In the last half of this year, the President of Finland Mrs. Tarja Halonen and Germany’s Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel visited Mongolia. I think these visits significantly contributed to widening the ties between Mongolia and the EU,” Ts.Elbegdorj stressed. He added that he paid visits in October to the Great Britain and Italy and shared views with Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron. “2011 was a vital year for Mongolia. We celebrated the biggest anniversaries such as the 100th anniversary of the national liberation movement,” he said. The President talked about a draft law on budget for 2012 and said it must be discussed at parliament by December 1, 2011. “Next year will be important in the political life because the parliamentary election will take place in June”.

The President spoke about the population census which ran with registration of finger prints of people. “I hope it will make the parliamentary election process easier letting avoid any conflicts. The voting will run through auto-devices,” he said.

Ts.Elbegdorj said that he is paying a great attention to the judicial reform and good governance and added he has drawn up six draft laws on legal reform and submitted them to parliament. “Mongolian government is working on introducing standards of the EU, so it will thankfully accept any proposal from the EU on this issue,” he stressed.
A matter on Tavan tolgoi deposit was raised by the President. He pointed out it is expected the TT investment contract will be made before the 2012 parliamentary election. “We have 11 embassies abroad now. The latest one was opened in Rome, Italy. Mongolia started this year its chairmanship of the Community of Democracies and we are paying attention to democratic partnership in Asia and the education of democracy,” the President said, adding he plans to organize a meeting in December in Tunisia in scope of the Community of Democracies after visits to Qatar and Kuwait. He hopes that the EU will send high-level representatives to this meeting.

The State Head emphasized an importance of establishing a partnership and cooperation agreement between Mongolia and the EU.

In turn, the Ambassadors thanked the President for the audience and for giving the report on economic and political situation. They asked about issues of mining, election law, legal reform, the NATO-Mongolia and EU-Mongolia ties and partnership and moratorium of Mongolia on the capital punishment.

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