Merkel: Germany will be long term partner in the natural resource sector

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended in the signing ceremony of members of both parties on the relationship and cooperation documents (6 documents) during her official visit to Mongolia, according to Prime Minister S.Batbold’s invitation.

1. Cooperation agreement between the Government of Mongolia and the Government of Federal Republic of Germany on the mineral resources, industrialization and technology sectors.

2. Contract mining agreement between Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi LLC and BBM Operta Group.

3. General cooperation agreement between Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and Siemens Corporation.

After the signing ceremony, Prime Minister and Chancellor made joint press statement.

Prime Minister S.Batbold: This visit has historical importance between two countries. Official and sincere meeting and negotiations were held towards developing comprehensive partnership between two countries. We discussed about introducing environmentally sound and friendly mineral processing technology from Germany. Also, parties exchanged opinion of further development of cooperation in the fields of defense, strengthening democracy and reforming election system.
Chancellor Angela Merkel: I am grateful that I am paying official visit to Mongolia. Although, territorially, far from each other, our cooperation is getting closer and tighter. We exchanged point of views in developing economy, strengthening democracy and cooperating in the mineral sector. I believe that another new page has turned in the relationship between Mongolia and Germany. More precisely, both parties will establish joint working group in the introduction of mining technology, with purpose of realizing the cooperation.

Shortly after the meeting and press statement, Merkel visited President Ts. Elbegdorj and Speaker D.Demberel.
During her speech delivered at the special session of the State Great Khural, Chancellor Merkel expressed thankfulness on deploying more troops to Afghanistan. Germany will be the long term partner in the mining sector, she added.

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