Prime Minister S.Batbold meets with President of Buryatia

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Prime Minister S.Batbold stated that Mongolia attaches a great importance to its boundary ties with the neighbor country. It was sounded at a meeting on Wednesday in Ulan-Ude during his meeting with V.V.Nagovitsyn, a president of the Russian Buryat Republic.
PM congratulated Nagovitsyn on the 345th anniversary of Ulan-Ude and said the border trade accounts for 70 per cent of the whole trade turnover. He pointed out that it is needed to improve activities of freight and border checking organizations and to simplify them as much as the trade turnover is increasing. He hoped Russia would pay an attention to this matter. The two sides agreed to make a recommendation for solving problems and difficulties facing the border checkpoints.
Mr. Nagovitsyn expressed a willingness to alter related documents and laws of Buryatia. He said he supports the Mongolian PM’s opinion and said that increasing bilateral trade turnover, including a volume of products supplied from Mongolia to Buryatia, stabilize the commercial balance between the two countries. “The Mongolian entities are investing Buryatia and creating refrigerator storehouses in Republic which means an increase in meat and meat products supply from Mongolia,” Mr. Nagovitsyn stressed. He is glad to learn that the Mongolian civil aviation organizations want to have their airplanes repaired in Russian and to make contracts on buying small planes, he said. The sides expressed a mutual willingness to run activities in trade, economics, education, tourism and inter-citizen visits.
After this meeting, the Mongolian delegation headed by S.Batbold PM attended a ceremony of the 20th anniversary of the Mongolian Consulate in Ulan-Ude. There, the Premier was awarded a supreme prize of the Russian Buryat Republic.

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